Baran Çağinli selected as FIDA Artist in Residence 2024

Baran Çağinli. Photo: Sami Parkkinen

3. juni 2024

It is our pleasure to announce that visual artist Baran Çağinli has been selected as the FIDA Artist in Residence 2024. Baran Çağinli (TR, b. 1990) is based in Helsinki and works across a variety of media focusing on sculpture and installation.

The works of Baran Çağinli are thought-provoking and delve into political themes. Çağinli’s artistic practice encompasses various mediums, reflecting a profound engagement with socio-political issues. He completed his master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki in 2023, specializing in sculpture. He lives and works in Helsinki.

The FIDA jury motivated their choice of Baran Çağinli with the following statement:
The art of Baran Çağinli brings together several disciplines and societal themes, which address governmental and civic conflicts of power, identity issues such as ethnic discrimination, forced migration, and forced disappearances. Çağinli’s subtle yet accessible treatment of his subjects enables him to treat current geopolitical inhumanities in and beyond the exhibition space but also, in his own words, to question the future consequences of past policies. The jury finds that FABRIKKEN and Copenhagen is a conducive context for the development of Çağinli’s work, and that the institution and the art scene will provide a productive framework for the artist. 

The FIDA residency program was established in 2019 as a collaboration between the Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark and FABRIKKEN for Kunst og Design. Çağinli is the sixth artist to be selected for the two-month program in Copenhagen.

FIDA is the Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark’s residency programme for visual artists. The purpose of the programme is to accelerate the resident’s career by offering active curatorial support, by building networks between professional artists on the contemporary Finnish and Danish art scenes, and by introducing the resident to a Danish art market.

During Çağinli’s residency, he will receive active curatorial support from Copenhagen-based curator Tijana Mišković.

FIDA is funded by the Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark, which offers Finnish know-how and facilitates cultural exchange in contemporary and performing arts, with the aim of developing and strengthening the dialogue between professional artists and institutions from Finland and Denmark and to the general public.

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