Art Residency Programs

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Artist in residence at FABRIKKEN in Copenhagen, Denmark

Every year Fonden FABRIKKEN for Kunst og Design hosts artist in residence programs in Copenhagen, Denmark, for international artists. FABRIKKEN offers three art residency programs: World Wide Air, FAIR and FIDA.
As a creative space with a staff of art professionals and a variety of professional artists working under one roof, we strive to help internationalize the Danish art scene by offering good conditions for both research and networking across cultures and borders.

Our international artists in residence form new collaborations and contribute to the art scene through new impulses. They are also shown around the Copenhagen scene and travel around Denmark to meet both the partner institutions of FABRIKKEN alongside other relevant stakeholders. In 2019 our national partnerships included Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg, where previous artist in residence Alice Hamon did workshops with school children followed by an exhibition. While South African artist Georgia Munnik shared perspectives of her practice in a conversation with artist Michelle Eistrup at SixtyEight Art Institute in Copenhagen.

Artist in residence at FABRIKKEN in 2022

FABRIKKENs International Residence Programs FAIR and FIDA will in 2022 give priority to cooperation with Finland, among other things through collaborations with FININ – The Finish Cultural Institute in Denmark and with The Finnish Cultural Foundation in Finland. The overall framework for the programs is artistic research, networking and exchange between the Danish and Finnish contemporary art scene.

You can find a complete list of all previous artists in residence here

Decreasing the distance between the Danish and the international art scenes

As an artist in residence at FABRIKKEN, the artist is provided with a studio space and accommodation throughout the stay. The programmes also provide paid travel as well as a stipend. As part of the programs the resident is matched with a mentor or a peer from the Danish art scene and is engaged in professional networks for sparring and support. The residency typically ends with a public event showing the research conducted during the residency. 

Due to the location of FABRIKKEN in Copenhagen, and the favorable networking opportunities within the Danish art scene, we attract a high level of international residents. A level that has proven to create new career opportunities to both residents and Danish artist alike. While also being very beneficial for a Danish art audience. An example of this was when former residents Tiffany Chung, Ramin & Rokni Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian participated in the exhibition “Homeless Souls” at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in 2019. Watch Vietnamese American artist Tiffany Chung’s interview about her contribution to the exhibition here.

FABRIKKEN’s residents have often taken the opportunity to host workshops for children and young people. Allowing them to pass on their skills and explorations within materials, idea generating and techniques to the younger generations.

The residencies are offered through an Open Call and all applications are assessed by a professional jury assigned for each program. The jury selects the residents among the applicants. All Open Calls are announced via the website and on FABRIKKENs social media.

FABRIKKEN encourages all residents to travel as green as possible, and is happy to assist with travel inspiration that includes transport other than airfare.

Three art residency programs

FABRIKKEN hosts three residency programs in Copenhagen, Denmark, which altogether are aimed at artists from all over the world.


FAIR is a research programme at FABRIKKEN in Copenhagen that welcomes early-career visual artists from the Nordic and Baltic countries. FAIR is aimed at developing sustainable artistic practices and careers through support and mentoring as well as through network, internationalization, and opportunities. Each resident applies with a research project, and we tailor each residency to match that resident and project. Online meetings are conducted in preparation of each residency.

FAIR is kindly supported by Det Nordisk Baltiske Mobilitetsprogram under Nordisk Kulturkontakt, Statens Kunstfond / The Danish Arts Foundation, The Obel Family Foundation and The Beckett Foundation.

Listen to former artist in residence at the FAIR program, Chiara Bugatti, talk about her stay at FABRIKKEN

World Wide Air

World Wide Air (WWA) is a residency program for established artists and curators worldwide. The program aims to ensure cultural exchange and strengthen knowledge sharing between professional agents on the Danish and international art scenes and a Danish audience. WWA welcomes artists and curators for a duration of 3 months.

WWA includes a peer-program aiming to generate lasting cross-cultural and professional networks. Alongside an array of initiatives including studio visits, collaborations, meetings, workshops, public events and presentations.

World Wide Air is kindly supported by The City of Copenhagen, Statens Kunstfond / The Danish Arts Foundation, The Obel Family Foundation and The Beckett Foundation.


FIDA is a residency program for Finnish or Finland-based visual artists initiated in 2019 in collaboration with The Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark. The purpose of the program is to build networks between professional artists on the contemporary Finnish and Danish art scenes. And to introduce artists from Finland to the Danish art market.

The FIDA residency program welcomes one artist per year for a duration of 2 months. The Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark and FABRIKKEN oversees the resident’s program including networking activities and introduces the resident in relevant contexts.

FIDA is kindly funded by and held in collaboration with The Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark.

Become an artist in residence

Stay updated on our current Open Calls on the page Apply for Residency. Here you can also find an archive of the most recent calls for more specific information on the application process for each of the programs.

Please note that the conduction of all three residency programs are subject to funding on a yearly basis.


FABRIKKEN is a not-for-profit art institution that provides studios and workspace for more than 60 professional Copenhagen-based artists and designers. FABRIKKEN is guided by the spirit of professionalism and exchange, which is nurtured through an event program and a weekly communal lunch. In addition to the studios, FABRIKKEN contains a 1.000 m2 space, which is mainly used for artistic production and events.

Do you have questions regarding our art residency programs?

Please get in touch with FABRIKKENs residency-coordinator Maria Gry Bregnbak.