World Wide Air 19/20: Introducing Mitra Saboury

29. april 2020

Artist in Residence – Article in English

In these challenging times where physical contact, our ability to travel and exchange are limited, we are thrilled to welcome American artist Mitra Saboury as FABRIKKENs first ever home resident at the World Wide Air residency program.

Mitra Saboury, who holds a master’s degree in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths University in London, UK, alongside a bachelor in Neuroscience and Philosophy of Science from University of Pittsburgh in the US, lives and works in Los Angeles. Instead of temporarily moving her practice 9000 kilometers East and into atelier No. 41 at FABRIKKEN in Copenhagen, she will be staying at home. Just like prescribed by governments and general health guidelines across the world at this very moment. The time difference is nine hours which will be just one of the obstructions explored when conducting this first home residency.

Saboury describes herself as an adult driven by emotions and often uses performance, installation, video and above all herself to confront and involve the spectator. Her work often challenges comfort zones – especially her own – and dives deeply into the spectrum of human norms and emotions. Discomfort either lies just beneath the surface or is deliberately thrown directly in your face, as Saboury conducts self-therapy and questions the emotions of the beholder, through her highly video-based practice.

World Wide Air Rsident 19/20: Mitra Saboury
Video by: Mitra Saboury

Had everything gone to plan, this would not have been the first time Mitra visited Denmark. In January 2019, she visited Copenhagen as part of an exhibition with Til Vægs, curated by Per Brunskog. Mitra was fascinated by the people and culture during her visit. Even though the residency will not unfold the way it was planned, Mitra is very motivated to delve into this home residency, as the past weeks of quarantine have strengthened thought and feeling.

Saboury has shared the following statement with us, leaving us eager for the months to come:

“Time with regimented isolation has allowed for a lot of introspection, as well as extrospection. Like a turtle, I tuck into my shell and move slow with consideration. Like a rabbit, I am hyper aware of my surroundings and heart rate in public. Without social contact as a possibility, my mind opens up… social anxieties begin to dissipate as physical contact is not an option. I communicate digitally, and now without pressure of anything more than my intention. I feel I can be the most honest version of myself in this moment, as I learn to use language more precisely to communicate through art more succinctly. I seek to challenge my mind.

Through this residency, I will expose the story of a doll coming to know herself through perceptive relations with others. The mouse coming out of its hole and into another, experiencing the world quietly. The doll piecing its own body together, with the realization that love and encouragement is empowering – and that her fear stands in her way. With growing desire to share this feeling, we are all connected.”  

The home residency runs from April till the end of June, and we are excited to welcome Mitra Saboury and to explore this new, temporary residency format together. Saboury’s residency project will revolve around video utilizing online media platforms and unfold on a regular basis via her Instagram account @mouseholes and at – where you also can subscribe to get project updates first hand – supported by FABRIKKENs social media channels. Follow and stay tuned to firsthand experience the evolution of the project beginning early May 2020.

About WWA

World Wide Air (WWA) is a residency program for professional artists and curators worldwide. The program aims to ensure cultural exchange and strengthen knowledge sharing between professional agents on the Danish and international art scenes and a Danish audience. WWA welcomes artists and curators for a duration of 3 months.

WWA includes a peer-program aiming to generate lasting cross-cultural and professional networks, alongside an array of initiatives including studio visits, collaborations, meetings, workshops, public events and presentations. Many of which are challenged due to the current situation and a vital part of the home residency will revolve around exploring new formats and ways of creating meaningful exchanges despite the distance.

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World Wide Air is supported by The Municipality of Copenhagen, The Danish Arts Foundation, The Obel Family Foundation and The Beckett Foundation