Udstilling: Nothing New Under the Sun

20. september 2021

Nothing New Under the Sun presents works from four friends, brought together by FIDA residency artist Anna Niskanen. The exhibition is centered around a common theme of memory – of recalling childhood, collective memory, routine, ritual and how nature reminds us of the past. Sabrina Tamar writes: “To remember is to seek sense and purpose in what unfolds and unravels before and after us. It renders us small, but renders us here.”

Nothing New Under the Sun is presented in FABRIKKENs production space with access through the backside of the building. Free attendance. Everyone is welcome. Texts and exhibition in English.

Vernissage Thursday 23/9: 16–19
Performance by Ida Brottmann at 17 (in Danish)

OPEN Friday 24/9 – Sunday 26/9: 14-18

Artist bios

Josefine Boel Johannessen
Josefine Boel Johannessen (b. 1990) graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam in 2017. Her practice centers on sculpture and installation. Based in Copenhagen, she also works as an art teacher and organizes artist workshops for children. This year she will continue her studies in the Funen Academy of Fine Arts in Odense, Denmark.

Ida Brottmann
Ida Brottmann (b. 1987) graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam in 2018. She has since returned to Copenhagen where she continues a practice in performance art. Motivated by a desire for stasis within the otherwise temporal medium of Live Art, Brottman creates performance installations independent of time and the creator’s body.

Cecilie Jørck
Cecilie Jørck (b. 1990) works at the intersection of documentary and experimental film, research, climate education and activism. She has an academic background in Film and Media studies and Social Sciences. With extensive experience in the medium of documentary, questions of representation, reality, manipulation and perspective have always been at the core of her practice.

Anna Niskanen
Anna Niskanen (b. 1990) is a visual artist from Helsinki, Finland. She graduated from Aalto University’s Photography programme in 2017. Her works are prints and sculptures based in photography. She collects images of nature and her photographic practice mixing digital and analogue processes recalls memories of visited places. Niskanen is currently an artist in residence at FABRIKKEN hosted in cooperation with the Finnish Cultural Institute. 

Words by Sabrina Tamar
Sabrina Tamar (b. 1989) is a writer based in New York City, where she also works as a researcher and archivist. She has an academic background in linguistics and literary translation. Her work has appeared in various publications and exhibition catalogues and she has closely collaborated with a variety of visual artists, filmmakers, and musicians. Her practice often confronts questions of memory, loss, translation theory, and hauntology.

Graphic Design by Katri Astala

Performers: Alberte Kjærsgaard Jakobsen, Hannah Bergmann Kirch and Thomas Bergmann Kirch.

The exhibition is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the FIDA program, The Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark, and Fonden FABRIKKEN for Kunst og Design.

FIDA is a residency program for Finnish or Finland-based visual artists hosted by FABRIKKEN for Kunst og Design and the Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark. The purpose of the residency program is to build networks between professional artists on the contemporary Finnish and Danish art scenes, and to introduce artists from Finland to a Danish art market.